Welcome to the ValSusa.nl website, as a Dutch inhabitant of this area, I am proud to share these beautiful impressions with you. The very wide variety of activities offered to those visiting the Susa Valley extends over the areaĎs geographical borders. Thousands of kilometers of paths immersed in the green countryside, natural parks and protected areas, forests, lakes, rivers and streams, off-beat hiking and cycling itineraries steeped in history. These are all part of a land that stretches from the plain to the mountains on the border For those of you that are looking for thrills and a real challenge, the Olympic Mountains offer tough rock faces, downstream canoeing or rafting that are more like something out of an adventure film or extreme sports. For those of you that are in search of culture in a land where the beauty of nature goes hand in hand with the history, traditions and the wealth of knowledge of those that have lived here over the centuries, you can take your pick: the Roman history of Susa, the Mediaeval abbeys and the castles, the Fifteenth, Seventeenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries that live on in the faces, walls of the houses, memories of these people. If you have any suggestions or comments on these site, want to have a site linked or a banner placed, please write me at info@valsusa.nl                                           Geert van der Veer