Alta Val Susa

Right at the centre of the charateristic fanshaped valleys which radiate around Turin, the upper Susa Valley forms a green region encircled by a range of high mountains, a valley in the extreme far north-west corner of Italy, which fits like a wedge between the French regions of "Savoie" and the "Hautes Alpes", of which it shares a common history and culture. High mountains - more than thirty of the peaks rise above three thousand metres, which limit the lesser valleys and enclose the exceptional beauty of the surroundings: terraced vineyards of the small towns and hamlets at the opening of the upper Susa Valley, mountains, lakes, forests, woods and pastures, fortifications, and churches, evidence of alpine history and culture, inhabited areas still perfectly conserved close to tourist locations of international fame.

A mountain area where different realities have learnt to cohabit, old and new, traditions and total ski, silence and worldliness. A mountain area easily accessible due to its geographic position and an efficient network of roads, motorways and railway systems. Mountains which at a time in the past were considered, because of their position, "a border line and barrier", today have become the "heart" of a new Europe.