Tales of people, princes and merchants.

In the middle ages the Susa Valley was traversed by the so called “Francigena Route” wich led to the Alpine passes of Montginevro and Moncenisio. Besides being a transit area for the pilgrims, soldiers, wine merchants and cattle, corn and textiles dealers who wanted to go from the Po Valley to Western Europe and back, it was often frequented by artists engaged in the decoration of buildings on both sides of the mountains. Along the way, travellers could take shelter and rest in the grand religious centres like Antonio di Ranverso, Sacre di San Michele, the Abbey of Novalesa, San Giusto di Susa and the provostry of Oulx who exercised “political” control over the area and were responsible for the organisation of agricultural production. The following itinerary includes a “pilgrimage” through the medieval places of the Susa Valley, where it seams that through the ages the time stood still.