Mountain Climbing

A challenge can be the peak of enjoymemt. And these landscapes are the ideal natural "gymnasium" for such hands-on challenges. Alpine sports, rock-climbing, and free-climbing. In the high Susa valley you'll find lots of upprtunity's for mountain climbing. Ask the local tourist agencys for details, and please mind the weather conditions!


There are endless possibilities for horseback riding enthusiasts in the upper Susa Valley with all its military roads, broad trails and hiking trails comprising a huge network of itineraries. Through deep forests connecting tranquil mountain meadows, amongst waterfalls and lakes, dazzled by the brilliance of spring flowers or the somber alpine colours of fall, the fresh mountain air awaits your presence. The chance encounter of one of the many wild animals that inhabit these mountains can be cause for an exhilarating experience. There are lessons available for the novice rider or to more experienced riders that include day long trekking into the above mentioned paradise.


Walking amidst the colours of nature. Rucksack, trekking boots, water and ... off we go! Through conifer forests, morainic lakes, thousand-year-old woods and nature reserves (there are  many  national parks around ), paths unwind to discover astonishing landscapes with a thousand shades of lively colours and the pure background of a sky which seems within handís reach. There are itineraries suitable for everyone, ideal for occasional walkers and those who want to set their personal records.


The Dora Riparia, Chisone and Pellice cool down the summer in the Olympic Mountains. The Cesana Torinese Water Sports Centre has all the latest equipment, but you can put  a wetsuit on and head downstream on the Pellice or the Chisone river. Learn water-skiing and canoeing in Avigliana.