Lakes in the Valley

Laghetto of the Gravio: from San Giorio you can drive as far as the cottages of Adret. From there, walk along a comfortable muletrack and in one hour you will reach the GEAT Val Gravio Refuge. From there, follow the path marked with the trail marker 506 that runs along the mountain side of Muretto; passing to the left of a fall, you will reach the plateau where the Gravio stream flows, forming an enchanting pond. Time: about 3 hours. Lago delle Monache (The Nuns' lake) and Lake Calambra: after Exilles follow the main road and at the top of the hairpin bends, take a road on the right hand side that leads to the Levi- Montanari Refuge. From there you will have to walk, following the path marked by trail marker 544 and you will get to the lakes. Time: about 4 hours. Lac de Savine: border the side of the Moncenisio lake until you nearly reach the Pass.
Walk along the side road to the left, following the signs for Savalin, Petit Mont - Cenis that forks after that.  Continue to the right, running along the western border of the lake and climb up again in the gorge of Savalin until you reach the pass of Petit Mont - Cenis; keep on walking to the left across the mountain side up to the Granges du Savine. From there the path is nearly level as far as the lake. Times:about 5-6 hours Lago dei sette Colori (Lake of the Seven Colours)i: from Cesana climb to Sagnalonga, then to La Montanina Refuge on the Pass of Bercia. From there follow the carriage road that leads to the Saurel top. Then descend to the Gimond Pass and to the Lake of the Seven Colours or directly from the top of the lake on a path. Times:about 2 hour.
Lago Verde and Lago Lavora: from the Grange of Valle Stretta follow a secondary road until you get to a crossroads. You will have to turn right to get to the Green lake, crossing the Rio di Valle and climbing the steep slope again. For Lake Lavora take the secondary road as far as the Pian of the Fonderia. From there climb to the mine of the Blanchet and continue as far as the bridge of the Planche. Without crossing the stream, walk along to the left and reach the lake. Time: about 30 minutes (Lago Verde), about 1: 30 hours (Lago Lavora).