Meana, whose ancient name was Mediana, lies in the Susa Valley, at about 700 metres above the sea level. The village lies at the foot of a pass named Colle delle Finestre, and much of its territory is in the Orsiera Rocciavrè Natural Park. Meana is subdivided into 21 territorial units called "borgate", each of which keeps up with its peculiarities. They keep up with their ancient rural traditions and liescattered with gardens,

chestnut trees, vineyards and orchards separating each other. There are many reasons why tourists could be interested in visiting Meana. In the village they can enjoy a beautiful landscape and lots of relaxing places. But they can also discover interesting aspects of the village history, culture and traditions. Meana is famous as a holiday resort beacuse of its mid-mountain climate, its peacefulness, its breathtaking landscapes, its little lanes and paths which are ideal for relaxing walks and hikes. For those reasons the philosopher Benedetto Croce chose Meana as his favourite holiday restort for 13 years. But he was not the only famous person who loved the village. In fact, Ada Marchesini Gobetti (Piero Gobetti's wife - a well known partisan during the II World War) and the renowned puppeteers Lupi (who worked for the Gianduia Theatre in Turin) are also among the ones who were fond of Meana.


Frais is an island of nature, positioned in a very nice panoramic position.A quiet oasis in the beautiful lark woods, dedicated to sport and a real contact to nature. In summer an ideal place for mountainbiking and trekking, in wintertime an active small ski area, particularly suitable for beginners.