Bardonnecchia is on the frontier, the last town of the High Susa Valley (High Dora Riparia Valley) in the extreme west of the western Alps. The summit of the Bernauda peak is the most western point in Italy. From this beautiful closed valley bordered by the Re Magi coast, the four lateral valleys of, Rho, Frejus , Rochemolles and Melezet which radiate like the four points of a star, extend to the French border. Huge rock massifs close these lateral valleys like The Tabor (3177) situated in the beautiful, dolomitice Valle Stretta or other examples like The Bernauda (3228) in the Valley della Rho, or the Pierre Menue (3505), the Rognosa  d'Etiache  (3382)  and   the Sommeiller and 

Ambin glaciers in the Valle di Rochemolles. This special geographic and climatic location has created a rich and diverse environmental heritage. The majority of the terrain is forested in conifers (spruce, pine, and above all larch). Today, the city council of Bardoneechia controls 1308 Hectares of forested land.