Those who love nature will find their ideal holiday resort in Giaglione. It is, in fact, located on a natural terrace overlooking the whole valley. We recommend a visit to the parish church, dedicated to San Vincenzo, with precious wooden furniture of the Savoyard school and, in particular, of the workshop of the Clapier of Bessans. Of the old castles in the area the only one that still stands is the castle of Menate, the home of the local lords Auricci and De Iallono. There are wonderful walking routes in the Clarea valley that run along old routes towards Moncenisio, but the main natural feature is the Gorge of Dora that opens as a deep cut over the bed of the stream. The track of the ancient Fell railway towards Moncenisio that runs along the old Napoleonic road is also very famous.


Gravere is formed by several different hamlets set in gorgeous scenery, surrounded by woods and orchards. It obtained the autonomy in 1622 and lies on the right side of the Dora Riparia. We recommend a visit to the parish church that possesses a valuable altar in Foresto marble. The small bell tower of the building is in romanesque style, while the small chapel has many beautiful frescoes of the 14th century.