Sauze d’Oulx

Sauze of Oulx is nicknamed "the balcony of the Alps" due to its splendid position. It is one of the most important skiing resorts in the Via Lattea, renowned in several European countries. From a cultural point of view, we recommend a visit to the church of San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist), built in Roman-Gothic style, with a bell-tower decorated with colourful stained gloss windows. From Sauze d`Oulx it is possible to go on several excursions, including a trip to the park of the Great Wood of Salbertrand.


Tourist and winter sport resort, located in the centre of one of the most important tourist areas in the Alps, Oulx may be considered the main town of the Upper Susa Valley. The small town, of pre-Christian origin, became a religious centre of remarkable importance between the XIV and the XV century. We recommend a visit to the parish church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, the Abbey, the Dauphin Tower, also known as the Saracen Tower, embattled and square shaped and the beautiful sixteenth-century fountain. In the hamlet of Baume there is a cave worth visiting, dedicated to Santa Maria Maddalena, in which the Holy Virgin is said to have appeared and where several pilgrims pay homage.